Carsharing is an alternative means of transport for everyone here in Brussels!

Try out this new kind of travel to unclog Brussels and let it breathe.

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What is carsharing?

Carsharing is simply the use of a shared car for all kinds of trips, where and whenever you want.

Carsharing benefits everyone:

It’s cheaper

The cost of buying a car, insuring it, paying for services and filling it up can quickly skyrocket. But if you opt to car share instead, you only pay for the car when you’re actually using it.

It’s flexible

You choose a car depending on your needs, your destination and your travelling time.

It’s eco-friendly

One shared car can replace up to 15 private cars. It’s great news for traffic and air quality.

There are two kinds of carsharing: “free-floating” and “station-based”. Both have their advantages, depending on your needs and your car usage.

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How does it work?

Station based

Vehicles are booked in advanced and must be returned in the same station.

The advantages of station-based carsharing

  • Wider range of vehicles available (people carriers, vans, etc.)
  • Longer distances
  • Near train and bus stations
  • Free and guaranteed parking in the stations
  • Booking in advance
  • Possibility to combine several days

Free floating

The app allows you to locate the nearest vehicle, make your trip and leave it in any public parking space within the area set by the operator

The advantages of free floating carsharing

  • Always near you, your work, your local store or your friends
  • Shorter distances
  • No booking in advance
  • Free parking in any public parking space within the area set by the operator
  • Where you want, whenever you want it… both for leaving and arriving

A solution for every need

free Zip Car

A car only when you need one. Pick up and drop wherever you want.

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Carsharing in numbers!

Carsharing in Brussel, dat is (cijfers van Brussel Mobiliteit, september 2018):

623 vehicles in 218 stations
560 free-floating vehicles
25,987 active clients
5 actors: Cambio, DriveNow, Ubeeqo, Zen Car, Zipcar
1 shared car replaces up to 15 own cars
40% Carsharing users drive approximately 40% less
97,6 The average Belgian family’s car is parked 97.6% of the time

They tried it

My car was spending more time parked outside my house than on the road. So I got rid of it three years ago, after a few months of trying station-based car sharing. Now I always book a car to do my shopping. It’s practical since they also offer minivans if you need a bit more space. It really helped me when I moved house last year.

- Jess -

Normally I use public transport for getting around Brussels. I've also got family in Antwerp who I visit regularly. When I’m planning a trip over there, I book a car in advance and then on the day I go and pick it up at the station. It’s really easy because I don’t have to worry about anything.

- Eva -

I’m German and I’ve been living in Brussels for three years. From time to time I need to use a car for short journeys, such as when I pick up my kids from nursery. The free-floating system is really simple. I don’t have to worry about anything, and petrol, insurance and parking are included. I’m free to go where I want, when I want.

- Max -

I play hockey with my friends on Sundays. I found it really annoying having to lug all of my stuff around on public transport and that's how I discovered car sharing. Now I just look for the nearest car on my phone and turn up at training without having a bad back. I love the freedom it gives me.

- Sarah -

You can drop the vehicle anywhere in the area set by the operator! I park the car and use the metro to go home! Amazing!
Ahmed, Brussels
Avatar ahmed
Insurance, parking and petrol, everything is included. A real feeling of freedom!
Jean-Jacques, Ganshoren
Avatar jean
It’s so easy thanks to the mobile app and the vehicles’ connectivity!
Penelope, Anderlecht
Avatar penelope
They often have the newest models. You always find what you’re searching for thanks to their car offering.
Marie, Uccle
Avatar marie

Why this campaign?

Mobility is a top priority for us here at the Brussels-Capital Region and for Brussels Mobility. It’s something we want everyone to enjoy! We know one thing for sure: the future of our city relies on alternatives for own cars. That’s why Brussels Mobility run the Carsharing Summer Experience 2018 from 25/6 until 22/9.

The motives for this campaign are in short:

  • Reduce the vehicle fleet (a decrease of 20% would already unclog the city)
  • Fight car congestion
  • Cut environmental pollution in the city
  • Give back the public area to the citizen by scaling down parking areas
  • Promote a multimodal vision of the city (carsharing – bikes – public transport…)